Learn tips on sinus trouble
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Sinus - Get Rid of Stuffy Nose

Stuffy nose or running nose is treat your sinus problems right are experienced by everyone and usually many times a year. You might have running nose because of cold, flu or seasonal allergies. Whenever the winter starts, most of the people fall prey from the problem of cough and cold.

  • Take some cardamom seeds and crush them.
  • Now, put it in the handkerchief.
  • Tie it properly and place it near the pillow it will prove helpful in relieving stuffy nose.

  • Here are some effective tips that can help you to relief from running nose and breathe more easily.
  • Try to avoid eating foods that are rich in sugar and carbohydrates, as they aggravate the problem of stuffy nose.

Most of Us Have Common Notion that Stuffy Nose is Due to Thick Mucus in the Nasal Passage

A stuffy nose can be caused by any of illness but it can be generally caused by two problem- bacterial sinusitis and fungal sinusitis. Even the beginner will get to learn more about Chronic Sinus infection treatment reading this article. It is written in easy language so that devry university be able to understand it.

May Associate With Some Symptoms but the Most Irritating One is Stuffy Nose

Whenever you have stuffy nose you may feel difficulty in breathing and sleeping becomes torture. It may also associate a kind of heaviness feeling in head. As it takes time to go away but you can help you to get rid of this problem by using some simple home remedies. Using our imagination has helped us create a wonderful article on Chronic Sinusitis. Being imaginative is indeed very important when writing about Chronic Sinusitis!

Nose and Sinus Anatomy - Thomas S. Higgins, MD, MSPH


You can take hot chicken soup when you're suffering from a cold because it gives you the energy and calming feeling to continue on. Put 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar in 8 oz. water. Add two pinches of salt. Shake it well and put 2-3 drops into each nostril, it is an effective remedy to get rid of stuffy nose. Suppressing our knowledge on Sinusitis and biofilms intention here. In fact, we mean to let everyone know more about Sinuses after reading this!

Best Thing to Get Rid of Stuffy Nose is to Avoid Tobacco and Smoking

Cigarette smoking can damage how do i get rid of sinus headache? and cause swelling in the sinus membranes. Many smokers' suffer from chronic sinusitis.
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