Swelling Sinusitis, Nasal Blockage- the Role of Humidity

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Swelling Sinusitis, Nasal Blockage- the Role of Humidity

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Swelling Sinusitis - Nasal Blockage- the Role of Humidity Control

While in Europe recently, I discovered that I didn't need to use nasal irrigation to avoid nasal blockage. I did inspire along a travel WaterPik device which I frequently utilize for this purpose when far from home, however I didn't feel the have to use it even as soon as for the whole month we were gone. I attribute this to the greater humidity levels in Europe compared with those in Colorado where we live. :evil:

The Gadget I Bought Was an Economical Combination Thermometer and Humidity Gauge

It was just about $4, however one can discover digital gadgets with more performance in the $20-40 variety in stores like Kmart or Walmart. I would strongly advise that people who experience persistent rhinitis and sinus problems make this little investment and keep a device to determine relative humidity in their sleep and also possibly their workplace. This basic item can be a substantial tool in the routine of all sinus patients to assist avoid nasal congestion, especially while sleeping.

Upon returning from this most current journey I chose to acquire a low-cost humidity gauge and put it in our bedroom to deep a closer eye on the actual levels in our sleeping environment. Right now the levels remain in the 50% range, which is respectable. We live at over 7,000 feet of elevation, and we have several windows open at night at this time of year to cool down the room. Throughout most of the year we do utilize a humidifier, specifically in the winter season. When the heater is on the humidity drops quite a bit, and I will now be able to keep an eye on the levels and make better use of a humidifier with the humidity gauge. Cooling will likewise dry out the air in a space or in an auto, so keeping close watch of this is important for individuals like me who continuously battle nasal blockage issues. You might state that we have included splendid info here on Sinus. This is with the intention of producing a special short article on Sinus.

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Generally Utilize Nasal Irrigation With a Saline Solution Once or Twice Daily

It would be unthinkable to choose a month in Colorado without doing this. I would almost certainly come down with a sinuses to drain throughout this length of time, even while continuing to take my typical medication. This is the counterpart to our previous paragraph on Chronic Sinus. Please check out that paragraph to get a much auburn university at montgomery this paragraph.


Bridge of Nose Swollen and Red With Sinus Infection | Flickr - Photo

According to Dr

Robert Ivker, D.O., former President of the American Holistic Medical Association, the ideal level of relative humidity for sinus health is between 35-45%. I saw in one of the hotels we stayed at in France that the humidity remained in the low 70% range, and I make certain it was at least that high at other times also during the month. For whatever factor, this level of humidity seems to work better for my certain nasal blockage issues, and I have actually observed before the general tendency of having fewer sinus problems while in Europe. We take a trip there fairly typically as we run tours in France. Dr. Ivker prefers to use a warm mist space humidifier which needs no filters and kills bacteria. He declares to have had good luck with Bionaire Clear Mist units.
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